How to save Url Or, Image Link Into Firebase Database

I want to save an image URL into the firebase database which I get from airtable. I don’t want to use firebase storage. I am working on an eCommerce app. whenever I save the image into the firebase database they give me ‘’’ /’’’ this kind of staff. I only need to save the url.

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you cant save images/videos to firebase DB, use firebase storage!!

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Yes, I know that, i just want to save link into firebase database. than get the value from firebase database.

you mean, store media in FB STORAGE and get the link, then store in DB right?

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Create one simple admin app with text box and button.

Paste your link in text box and when button click use store value block to store the link.

You can get this link by calling it using get value block.

This is necessary because when you directly paste link in firebase database it will not get due to /

@anantozaman0 for storing link do this


I have some image links in airtable. I want to save that image URL into the firebase database.

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Already ans is here

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ok, lets try it.

Take 2 text boxes.

One for tag name
Second for value (your link)

When button click
Firebase store value:
Tag : text box1 text
Value : text box2 text
I am making a add to cart system in my ecommerce app, where I am creating a product list in cart page. block are here.

When Save url. it convert to this
How to Segment this url.


it does not work

could you do it?