Firebase Storage | A Guide for Beginners

Thanks Alaqmar

Yes, i am storing images and audio files in Firebase Storage.
But i am not using all of them by now, just the one i tell you here

Since i tried this tip:

then i put this link in Realtime Database as the value for my tag in my project

And it gives the error i mentioned

So, what next to do, please?


Where is this in your url ? Or are you simply storing files in your root folder ?

The error message you see is to do with how Kodular connects with Firebase - (configuration). Search the forum for the answer.

thanks again TimAi2
I inserted projectBucket>%2F in my mentioned link and it is the same error.

Concerning how Kodular connects with Firebase (configuration), I’ve already read guide-how-to-use-firebase-authentication-on/80436
but as i said before, i think it doesn’t help me cause i only want my users to open my app and just run it, nothing more… so no need signing up methods. I only need to store my files in Firebase Storage
I think i’ve noticed at last! what is the Firebase Storage purpose, it’s for uploading files from users, not mine ones to set up the app…
So, I’m going to try to store my files in my dropbox and link them in Realtime Database (thanks again for the hint TimAi2)

Many thanks in advance for any help

Hi there.

At present, i’m trying to get some solution by storing in Cloudinary, that’s why i started another topic in the forum.
But in the meanwhile i get that, i would like to read here any tip for my trouble, about how to store my images in Firebase Storage and save their links in Realtime Database for using in code blocks

I beg your comprehension because of no one of the methods i am trying is working at all.

Thanks lots in advance.

If you really have given up all hope of getting a working solution using the built-in Firebase components… I can offer you an alternative solution just using the web component. It will take some work and concentration to get it setup, but it works.

Thanks TimAi2

I’d like to know what is the difference between your advice and my idea which i’m asking for help (and not found yet)
I mean, why is your tip better than other? :thinking:
Remember, please, i am an absolute begginer here :relieved:
Thanks again.

It uses Firebase

I didn’t say it was, just offering an alternative

I’m not getting it, there must be a misunderstanding, I’m using Firebase…

you said you were using cloudinary…

Yes, i said that, but before, one month ago, i asked for help about using Firebase Storage with Realtime Database what i was already using that moment, even i got some tip from you TimAi2

Later, i wrote i hadn’t got any progress with tips from Chirubot and yours, so two days ago i said that i was trying Cloudinary like an alternative (i wrote i had started another topic in the forum.)
This is the link to my opened topic about Cloudinary -> How to code blocks with the link for an image stored in Cloudinary?

In addition i tried to link some file rightly from my Dropbox…

And now i haven’t got any success from no one method

So, I’m still asking for help to get images for my app from any storage and rightly coding my blocks

Thanks in advance for any tip from whoever will want to help me.

Good luck then :+1:

hope so, thanks

hi, what’s the difference between getting the image or downloading it? does the download consume more internet?

It depends upon file size… text value you can get it and display but images you have to download then only. can display


I am having trouble getting an image, from Firebase Storage.

These are my blocks:
This block is inside the “initialize” block, and the idea is that it loads automatically when you enter that screen.


And so it’s stored in Firebase:

these are the rules:

I never get an error, nor do I load the image in the “image” block

Can someone help me solve it?

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What should I input as file path?

through firebase storage I am storing audio files. When I go to call them from my app it always plays the last audio file I have stored. But if I open the file from Firebase Storage it plays the correct audio. Can you help me please? Thank you

help , after uploading image to fire base storage ,return error
[ User does not have permission to access this object ]
my rules :
service { match /b/{bucket}/o { match /{allPaths=**} { allow read allow write; } } }
thanks for helping me. :pray:

Set them like this

rules_version = '2';
service {
  match /b/{bucket}/o {
    match /{allPaths=**} {
      allow read, write;

Read This I created a topic Regarding Same Issue. Here it is solved