Firebase Storage Download usage?

I am new to using FirebaseStorage, I am exploring the upload and download. After looking through numerous posts here and some youtube videos, I noticed that everyone I saw so far never used the Firebase Storage download block. Instead, they get the url and then use the download component.

I was wondering what is the actual usage of the Firebase Storage Download block, and how to actually use it?

I was actually trying to create a data moving feature, so in one device I would upload the current local storage (.txt) to firebase storage by pressing a ‘Save’ button , and then in the other device I press a ‘Load’ button and it will download the last uploaded file (or whatever file is currently stored in the firebase, as each time the app upload it will overwrite the current file in the firebase).

Note: This app is a personal one for very limited amount of users, that’s why it is using just one file.

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firebase free storage has a limit because of that users didn’t use firefirebase storage

Since you are new to community
Read this guide

5gb is quite a limit :wink:

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Exactly, I read that guide but I still didnt know how the FireBase download block works. It is explained there but it doesn’t seem to work for me.

In the guide, it is said that the ‘file’ and ‘to Folder’ in the download block are supposed to be filled in with the ‘file’ and ‘upload path’ in the upload block. But when I tried it, it simply does not download (No response).

I need something that can download the file from firebase just using the name of the file ‘example.txt’ without any unique id that changes everytime another upload is made (which is the case if I am using the download URL).

Yeah i am fine with the 5gb limit as it would be replaced everytime anyway, and it is only a single file containing all the JSON, which is only like 2-3MB at max

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See these answers on SO
Can’t Update Files on Firebase Storage ?

You can do this with Google Drive

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Interesting method using the GDrive, alright I might try it out! Thanks for the help