Upload to Firebase Storage immediately after the photo. It's possible?

I would like to store a photograph for Firebase Storage.

I researched some ways in the community and on YouTube,This configuration works perfectly. These are my rules and my Blocks:

( Using this extension ) : com.mirxtremapps.FirebaseStorage.aix



blocks (14)

blocks (15)

But I would like to upload directly from the camera, right after the capture, without consulting my files.

I think it would be a more pleasant experience for my application.

I used these components:

blocks (16)

blocks (17)

The second method, which I would like, does not return a positive result.

Can someone help me?

NOTE: I never used Cloudinary.


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Firebase isn’t good for storing multiple files
better to use cloudinary it is easy just check

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Note: Firebase Storage does not work in Companion.

Where did you get Upload Photo, I don’t have that option?
Over here I am using upload file.

Did you import JSON File?

You are doing in the wrong method.
After taking the picture or the image.
Upload file
File ~ get Image
Upload Path ~ join block ~ random integer and .png (Any Image Format)
By Using Random Integer the previous file won’t overwritte.
Then it should upload.

Also add
when FirebaseStorage1 .Upload Success
So that you can get to know it did upload or not
but if
when FirebaseStorage1 .Upload Failed
So that you can know what was the problem.

Tip: In Companion to verify everything is working just test it, If the Error says User does not have access to this object. then it will work in the APK.

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I will try to use your teachings and your tips.

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He has mentioned that he is using an extension and I as believe you are using the in-built Kodular component the blocks will be different

This may help you,

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It certainly helped me a lot.
Thank you for the kindness! I will study your teachings and clear up any doubts that arise.

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