Firebase Storage File Upload Help requested

I have searched for help on this topic but only found a video in Hindi which I don’t understand. I am trying to upload a file from my app to firebase Storage. I have the firebase storage component added to my app and I am trying to use the firebase storage UploadFile block. I keep getting an 1104 error here is the text from that error:

Error 1104: Unable to post or put
the file “Romancing The Chrome/
81 _2004YellowChevySSR.jpg” with the
specified URL https://firebasestorage
.a Type: media&

Here are my blocks:

I am using a Samsung Note 10+ and Android 10. Any help is appreciated…

Hi connect your app first with firebase and upload json file to your assest now it will work

I checked my connection to firebase Storage and as far as I can tell it is correct but I really don’t know what it is supposed to look like. I have not found any complete examples of how it is supposed to work. I did upload the google-services.json to my assets for the project. Do you know of a complete example of how this is supposed to work?

I am also able to download from Firebase Storage so I believe I am connected correctly.

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I asked a similar question but for the extension component because the answer to the first question did not help and the original responder did not reply. There is no documentation on either the Google component or the extension that covers the question I asked. I searched on google and youtube for an example before posting either question. The question you answered was about the extension. I appreciate your answer it helped. Last, as far as I can tell I do not have permission to delete either topics.

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