Error when using the image picker and uploading data to the server FireBase Storage

Hello everyone!
Task: upload an image to the server through the image picker.

I see an error when trying to upload an image.

The blocks I’m using.

When using the camera, the images are uploaded to the server.


Filename is wrong. Try for example join number.text_1.jpg and see if it works for you Also blocks are wrong see


I don’t have such a block

Are you using an extension ?



Try to use Kodular’s default component, no need for an extension

The block for selecting and assigning an image also does not work.
Do you need to upload the image to the app first?

I have no settings for this component. This is fine?

Settings comes with google-services.json that you upload to project. You have to test it as apk
If you wish try this apk and see if it woks for you
imagem_picker.apk (7.6 MB)

Also have a look at

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Could you send a project file?

Does apk works for you ?

Yes it works

Even this doesn’t work in my application.

This works with a test firebase project. In order to work for you you have to replace firebase’s properties, google-services.json and package name with your own

imagem_picker_1.aia (59.6 KB)

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