Code-based IDE for Kodular-like app


Kodular, App Inventor, Thunkable and others similar platforms are very handy to those who wish/need/choose not to get involved with Android particularities. The visual no-code approach is intuitive and make things easier even to those who are not skilled in IT matter.

But when a project grows a lot a visual no-code IDE with none of those very basic tools a developer usually need (search, substitution, file inclusion etc), this kind of IDE becomes limited and limiting.

Now I face a big project that takes extra time due the lack of those simple tools. Add some time consumption due Internet lag and there goes a lot of time when making changes.

The question is: is there some better featured visual no-code IDE or a code-based IDE that presents in a coded way (either a proprietary language or a some other known one) the xml-like *.bky file?