What best app builder kodular, andromo?

hi there
I am new to App Development , I know a little about web design but , I know no thing about java and android Development
So, i want app builder with no coding?
I found a lot of options out there most are paid,

I see that Kodular and andromo are the best as i test , I am not sure
Can you help me?

Kodular is best than all platform on google. When you use kodular you realise that it is good.

what features kodular have that make it better

Use Kodular Yourself and get all Kodular features

I’ll face the risk of being a little controversial, but asking this on the Kodular Community, the answers are bound to be biased.:smile:

I would suggest trying out all your options - see what they have to offer, explore the community, and check out which tools feel better to you specifically.

At the end of the day, of course I’ll recommend Kodular. It is a very powerful platform, with tons of good resources. Then there’s the community of friendly and knowledgable people ready to help as long as you are willing to hep yourself.

Look around, and enjoy yourself. Happy koding!