using @deephost extension GraphicsDesign

facing this Error !!
The arguments , [[email protected]c18513], [(-6543440 -14575886)], [LEFT_RIGHT], [OVAL], [3], [0], [-1] are the wrong number of arguments for Graphic_Design
Note: You will not see another error reported for 5 seconds.
what i have done wrong ??

Your first parameter layout or button is empty add arrangement that you want to use.

not working yet !!

This is just for checking that if condition is true.
Did you get alert

can you tell me how to do it ??

Post block that you modified


im not pro so this may also wrong !!

Button1.background not just put Button1
You can find this is last green block

it dosent accept only Button1 component

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Have you tried this one



Your Blocks are wrong

this is the right blocks

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