Error in kodular

Argument #2 (…) to ‘com.KIO4_Gradient.KIO4_Gradient.Gradient(,java.util.List,int)’ has wrong type ( (expected:
Note: You will not see another error reported for 5 seconds.
how to solve this error

Just read the error message.
It tells you what you doing wrong.


you have to show blocks picture of Kio4 Gradient extension

To clarify Mika’s answer

You are using CardView component

But the KIO4_Gradient extension is expecting Horizontal or Vertical Arrangement


Yes I am using card view component can I did not use clour gradenernt for card view @Boban

ki04 gradient dose not support changing card view colour !!

1 - card view

2 - horizontal arrangements

3 - Buttons

@sriivastavrac3 Which gradeint I must use for card view, buttons

I m not tooo pro at kodular

You should watch this your confusions will be cleared !!