Commands js how to get data

Good day. Please give me all the available commands to retrieve data from sites.
I only know these

document.getElementById(“ХХХХХ”).value = “ХХХХХ

What other commands are there? if for example I want to get the text from the field,

how can I do it?

document.getElementById(“word”).value = "привет
doesn’t work like that

What actually You wanna do ??

make a request with the command


If you want the text volue written
Then Try this


Or .innerText

thanks, this command gets the text. I need to make a request like in the screenshot.

If it worked for you, you should mark the answer that worked for you as a solution, please!

I’ll only be at home tomorrow, at the computer. I can’t check now.

ok sure then


does not work

does not work

See here to return all data from a fully loaded/rendered dynamic web page

Send the website Url

I sent the link to you in a personal message

Okay sent me in pm

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Thank you very much for helping me.

Good day

if I enter data on the site manually, then when I click, the button is triggered

        <ul class="nav free-likes-tabs nav-tabs tpl-minimal-tabs" style="font-size: 15px">
            <li class="">
                <a href="#" data-type="likes">Option 1</a>
            <li class="active">
                <a href="#" data-type="views">Option 2</a>

Please tell me how to make this request correctly? data-type = “views”


Do you wanna perform click on views ?

Use this


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