Common causes for Firebase :firebase: config file error ⚠

Hello everybody do I am going to list some common causes for Firebase config file error because I might seen at least 100 topics regarding this error. So let’s begin -

  1. The number 1 mistake is regarding the Package name -


The package name entered in the app and the one in Firebase :firebase: if they are not the same it will not work…
See this helpful guide -

Did it work :white_check_mark: ? still not :frowning_face: worry not see the second mistake you might have done…

  1. This one is much more common
    There are 2 reasons for this make sure your JSON file doesn’t have a number, like google-services(1).json. The last solution will totally work if the previous ones didn’t (fingers crossed :crossed_fingers:) -
    Right click your JSON file (in file folder) and click open with… notepad
    The error will be in the first 5 lines check if the 3rd line contains your firebase URL if not then add its simple "firebase_url": "", make you sure add this after project number and before project id…

The usual format of the first 5 lines -

  "project_info": {
    "project_number": "123456789",
	"firebase_url": "",
    "project_id": "your-projekt-id",
    "storage_bucket": ""

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