Companion app connection problem: I have tried everything

Hey:upside_down_face: by some days I have a problem with the connection between companion app and Pc, I have tried to do these things:

  1. remove companion app’s cache;
  2. delete all companion app’s data;
  3. uninstall and reinstall companion app;
  4. remove browser cache;
  5. connect mobile phone and Pc with router;
  6. reset Windows 10 firewall settings.

I have done all these things with an empty demo app (so without any blocks or assets) and I have used both Opera browser and Chrome, but there is always the same problem: the progress bar on Pc stays on 20% and it doesn’t go on, it says “Establishing Secure Connection”. It is an annoying problem:sweat_smile: if someone can help me, I really appreciate, thanks:smiley:

Use Firefox.

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