Unable use companion on any device tested on

unable to use companion tried on 2 devices

Are you on the same network?

Do you have any Antivirus installed?
If so disable it.

Yes i am facing same problem i tried both same network and different network its just shows 20% establishing network connection

Even a blank app doesn’t start in companion

  • If you have other builders open in other tabs, try closing them.
  • If you have any another companion apps running, close them.
  • What browser are you using? Can you check if it works on another one?
  • Make sure you’re using the latest version of the companion.
  • Make sure you grant the companion app the storage permission so that it can transfer any assets or extensions.

Try using google chrome and if you are behind a proxy or vpn, shut them down.

I tried on Google chrome and Mozilla Firefox problem arise from 2 days

Try clearing browser cache and then restart your browser. I hope it works.

Bro I do that

Hey, I had the same issue. I found a solution. After you scan the QR code, and 20% process completes, the code appears on mobile screen. **Then press the forward ‘>’ logo twice or thrice on your mobile screen and it will start working. **

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