Companion not working and error after importing extension

A-Companion not working after QR Scan or code input it doesn’t show anything from taday onwards, i try to much

  1. clear cache,cookies and history
  2. change Browser and also try in incognito mode
    Nothing happens companion didn’t start please help

B- Error when importing extension it shows dialog report a bug

If you reload the app the extension should show up.

i.e. Click on the AIA in the window and you should see the extension is there.

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But Companion did you test it

So my response was for this part of the queation. For the first part, Companion you need to make sure you are on the same wifi network/router. Disable antivirus on the computer

The solution is refresh the page, reopen the project and u should see the extension. now reconnect your companion :slight_smile: