Comparing one list with multiple lists

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what I want to do is ask the user to create a list and then have the program compare that list with multiple lists.Then, if there is an exact match between those lists, printing the tag of the matching list. I’m sorry I don’t have blocks. I couldn’t find the solution even though I thought about it many times. Do I need to use the Firebase database? I also want to make a listview image and text from the matching list. Sorry again. It may seem like I want everything from you. But even if you give a hint, it will be very useful for me.

Just use is in the list + index is in the list

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I can only compare two lists. I can get true or false.

In the place of true just use index is in the list thing (get item) list (global name2)… with the help of this index you can take the item . The list or add the item which is in the list to separate list

I don’t want to get the list item. I want to print the name2 tag if there is an exact match between the two lists.

Then in the place of true just use get item and check

You want name2 or et?

I want list name name2

no body can get the variable name…

Is it not possible for me to get list tag even if I use firebase database

show your firebase structure, it is possible to get tag

show melike this


here user1 and 3 are unique. Like this, you want answer as user 1 and user3?

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yes as you said i want to get the answer of user1 user3 or name name2

is there anyone who can help?

In order to check it I used web component to retrieve data from firebase as json


Example’s firebase structure





Thanks for your help. :innocent:

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