Compiler error unable to export my apk file, stuck at Compiling source files

right now I got exporting my app it’s showing this error message.

do a search in the community for Compiling source files

it’s a bug or any solution is available?

here is one solution but the problem is my account project is 10+ so unable to apply this solution.

so right now I just created a new Kodular account with another id and do this solution it works.

but is not a proper solution so the bug is still open.

dear @Taifun

I already read a lot’s topics regarding this issue and after that, I posted this topic.

now another problem is unable to change color also.

AAPT error is due to multiple reasons. You need to check it one by . In our community there is answer for every bug. Also this color change issue is there since the last updation and even there is solution available too Background color options are not working in this version - #8 by dora_paz you can search solution for every bug in community and it will answer too.

The best method is search :mag:

What sbout exporting all your projects? Then you can delete them online to have again some space…


yes, it’s a good idea.

But I am thinking now what about kodular 10 project limit? :joy: