Component file generates the file in Package Name

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I have some doubts about file storage.

I am using the file component to generate a CSV file for me which then I will put the share option.

The doubts I have are that with a Samsung tablet with Android 8 if I can generate that CSV file in the root (/ file). Which I have no problem sharing.
However, in a Xiaomi mobile with Android 11, it does not generate the file in the root, it generates it in / Android / data / “Package Name”. That location or the root of the memory, I would not care, but how do I get to it to be able to share it? That is, what should I put as the location for the share component?

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I have been reading and if I have not misunderstood, there are complications with the file component from Android 10 for the location of the generated files. Can you tell me where I can look for a solution?

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