Storing file to external storage

I am trying to save file “salary” to Download folder
what path should I follow

I have tried following but not working




researched a lot in community but not able to create


Try Using This You can copy this

android version ?

The (new) File component redirects the path for Android 10+ to the ASD (just like AI2 does):


Hi I have a problem saving a cvs file too. It was working ok before kodular update, but now I can´t save the file and I dont know why… I use the component file and the block append to file.

I was using: file Name: /name.cvs

If I understand ok, if the android version is 10+ you have to save the file different?

This path is of private storage.

If you can tell

the taifun extension formula for android >9 as you told will work for android <10 ?

or do i need to cater this in " if then " command

Do i need to purchase this extension

android 10

yes i know


Thank you so much for your kind help

@narender_kumar Don’t become serious on my Post as I never gone through paths in android that’s why I get problem many time in getting paths :rofl::rofl::rofl:

Its ok
more we share more we learn

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