[Component Request] Gallery Viewer

Gallery viewer

Let me take a look at this and see how easy it is to implement or make an extension out of.

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Can be make Extensions using this source.
Is it legal.
Please help me because I want to make a Extensions using a appybuilder source code.

I had a look, and I dont have time to do it in the next few days. There is a little refactoring involved. I may have a few hours next week. I have a few other projects and some fixes to do, and I have two kids :slight_smile:

You can not use AppyBuilders source and keep the changed source code to yourself. AppyBuilder is GPL3 so everything made with the source has to be distributed with the same license.



For replying and clearing my doubts:clap::clap:

How about now? Can the Gallery Viewer be implemented? I made an app that needs to be updated and it used Gallery Viewer. @Hossein, any word about that?

Yes @Italo It’ll be there - soon :slight_smile:


Any update for the Gallery Viewer availability in Kodular?

I was told it will be in January.

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What does thumbnail in dip width mean

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Density Independent Pixel

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any progress with this?

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It has been available on Kodular since Update 1.4B.0

You can find it in LayoutViews