Some bug in new update

Gallery viewer is an amazing component in new update but it’s dip doesn’t work

Just create square size

& the other bug is after this update lottie animation looking like that in my app

I mean low quality

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I can confirm that. It only create square thumbnails, not rectangular.

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Seems like you can only do it for width


Oh i see.if i can length also that will be more useful

:thinking: will check into gallery viewer. @msr79526 for lottie, create new post


Ok i will create an new post

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Found GalleryViewer issue and fixed locally. Will be available in upcoming release


Which bug noted

@msr79526 GalleryViewer. My post :point_up: above updated

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See here: Gallery Viewer Height not setup properly · Issue #1 · Kodular/Kodular-Creator-Issue-Tracker · GitHub


i have noticed one more bug…if we are using video player and using the decoration component the video player is not showing the video only audio is being played with only margins

I think decoration component isn’t for vedio player.if you thing then create Another post

@ammar5287 Which block of Decoration component are you using for VideoPlayer?

set shape block