Components are fixing differently in different mobiles

I had made a app but the problem is in components they are fixing differently in different mobiles even i set Height & width in percentage then also problem persists. Below attach screenshots from two devices.

See with focus the icons are in different positions. How this issue will solve now.

I think you have to try in px, use arrangement set space and sizez in px,

How do you calculate the grid of your components


I just change again n again upto correct position from companion. But if they are at correct position in my device then theyy are different in other device.

If u have any prescribed method to calculate space then give.

Since the text size can be changed by the user, it becomes much more difficult


How user can change text size… All other component are fine why this

When user changes size of the font in device settings


That is different matter. But initially how components will be equal

Pls give any solution boban Bhai… Text size is same in both phones. Why components are arrange differently?

Do you have a sample aia as I don’t have time to rebuild from scratch