Connect search option with json aix?

can i have search option in it ???

Why not ? What have you tried so far ?

I’m trying for 4 days but can’t find the right blocks

please help…for right blocks…

Have a look at below post and modify code according to your needs.

Global value is coming after searching, the value of the searched topic is not showing…

Most probably is an index problem, if you filter one list then you have to find actuall index in original and get items from other lists with same index

please suggest me…

I don’t understand what is the exact location of the index block?

table.ais (10.6 KB)
check ais.

Can not import ais, throws error

ayucare_Mathsstreambook11.ais (10.6 KB)
please try again
in this aia the ais is imported

search.aia (269.3 KB)

Try this and see if it works for you

search_json_1.aia (269.9 KB)

it’s not working

I believe now it should work

search_json_2.aia (270.3 KB)

Searching is correct but after clicking the value of chapter 1 is coming which is not being found right. Getting the value of Chapter 2 and not Chapter 1.

Forgot about extra button click :slight_smile:

search_json_3.aia (270.9 KB)

when i search any chapter

after button clicking show message and dose’nt open

Last attempt :slight_smile:
search_json_4.aia (285.0 KB)

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