Convert Website to App

Hello. I am turning my website into an app, for this I used the web viewer, however, when changes are made to the website, the application does not show them. You can help me please.

this is an example of the blocks I use
Sin título

Do not use Screen Back pressed instead


Home URL from Webviewer Properties



This Block From Screen Section

Hey, thanks for helping me out. the app has two screens, one for Splash Screen, and the other for the web viewer, when I use the screen initialization, changes are displayed when the app is closed and reopened, but not refreshed with the app open. there is the possibility to refresh the page with the open app.

try this -


you can also change button font typeface to material icon


and set text to refresh… tada!!



hello, is there a way to do it without putting a button , that’s why I used the Back Pressed, to refresh the page, but it doesn’t work.

Using clock component

can you send the APK.

You are using when back pressed then go to url, try to go to the url when screen initialize. I think it will work.

Already mentioned by @Enderman

sorry, i didn’t paid attention. It’s my fault. Forgive me…

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No, just to give more pressure on “sorry”, i told that.