Is is possible to reload the same screen or something like that?

I am trying to make a web app. Now I want if it possible to add a label and after clicking this label we will load the same screen at first.

In my blocks I have created a rule that after the web page loaded a spacer will invisible. Now how can I make it revert that someone clicks on the Label and he will get back the spacer in the screen and the webpage will not visible.

Is it possible, If then How?

Set label to clickable. When label click set space visible to true and webview visible to false

Sorry! But it is not like that.
I have multiple blocks to visible after clicking a button, and have multiple blocks to invisible after clicking a label

Well I do not know how you set up visibility in components but you can do the opposite when label click. Try and see

Ok! I have found a way. I will try

Thank You.

Another way if you wish to reload same screen is


ok! One more thing…

Can you please tell how to convert…


Change textbox’s hint text from search Google… to Enter your First Name…

No not the Text? I want to change the design…

Yes use a cardview set corner radius to 0, elevation to 0, stroke to 1 set stroke color to dark gray and inside that card view place a text box


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Ok! Fine… Thanks…!

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