My website refreshing automatically

I am using webviewer. But when i open my app,my website refreshing automatically.its work fine in test mode.but when i install it on my phone its not working.

And you think we know what you doing wrong without to see anything you do?


Show your blocks so that we can identify your issue.


show blocks if you can’t show ur blocks how we can identify what you do

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hello here is my blocks

Screen 1

Screen 2

Screen 1 clock will be create false after go to next screen

Make like this it’s work

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How oft did the team told, dont load ads with the clock. Your fist component is the admob component, i want to know why do you dont make a app with real useage what the people like and than if you are finish, than you place a banner in the app to pay your server costs and others. To start with developing/programming a app and the first component is the admob component, is not the right way, i think bc it looks like a earning app, bc you have not more as a web viewer and ads.


its not a earning app.its app for my website.

can you give your aia please i fixed your app

i have same issue my website page refreshes automatically.