When I running my app it is refreshing many times

When I running my app refreshing many times and it change the labels data that I get from firebase. I tried many times in a different ways but its not solved.

Show your blocks, maybe you have done something wrong there.

this problem happens in every screen, some days before it happens with only home screen for some time and it stops after some refresh and it is happening with whole app continuously

Say how I solve this problem

Sorry, I can’t figure out what the problem is. Can you be a bit more detailed?

Also, here you said Firebase, but I can’t see anything related to it in the blocks.

I meant can you explain your problem in a bit more detailed way.
Also, an APK file would be great to understand.

Monetoapplication (27).apk (8.4 MB)

Try this method to switch between layouts when using them as screens:

Are you using Clock component in your app?

Hmm… It might be the reason.

Because, I used Clock component for making splash screen. But it refreshed every time. So I disabled “Timer Always Fires”. Now my app is working without problem.

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And btw isn’t this an earning app? :thinking:
I noticed it now. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


I have seted many places clock always fires, it cause any problems?

But I not used clock in every screen then why every screen is refreshing

Nah pretty sure he went wrong with the app idea itself. “Earning App”.