Copy a file from ASD to Download

been trying for a long time now I have these blocks they work fine on API 29 and higher but not older versions it give this error “Sorry, file to copy does not exist”

First, your text blocks in the toFileName parameter is collapsed, so we cannot see what is beneath them.

Also, try with the File component.


The destination is just /Download/filename.csv

These blocks I never seen before I’ve been off kodular for months is this a new update? And will it work on all versions of android?

Yes, this is in a new update. Some claim that there are bugs with this component, but give it a try.

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works fine on new android but it just crashes the app on Android 7.0 :upside_down_face:

How did you store the file in ASD?
As the error message is trying to tell you, it does not seem to be in the ASD. .
Use Do it to debug your blocks…


the file is saved in /anyFolder/filname.csv in ASD no complicated filing system no nothing when tested using this Block:
it gives True and I can also just find the file in the file explorer exactly were I saved it in ASD/anyFolder

I don’t have an older phone to test with companion so it’s been frustrating exporting the app everytime to use the emulator

Please provide a screenshot of all relevant blocks
Also you forgot to answer this question


there you go here is everything the file saving:

and here is the file copying -again it works fine on android 13 but crashes the app on older like 7.0

To find out more use logcat