Corona virus donation

Hello All Koders

If Anyone Wants To Donate To WHO You Can Follow This Link

COVID-19 Is The Big Desease To Whole World You Can Donate To Help Countries To #FightAgainstCorona


Donations to Government of India can be sent to Official Account of Government…

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Donations made to Local Government will be more effective than WHO’s.
If you really want to help than include links to donate to local government of some major countries (who really need your support).
Just a suggestion…

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indian gov. is not make transparency. about donated money
So if you want to dotate something then donate people nearly living in your area.
all india donation money to PM cares but no information available about how many fund rease and which nessesary work doing of this money.

I Know But Kodular Community Is An International Community Therefore I Have Posted WHO’s Link. Everyone From Any Country Are Able To Donate Through This Link…

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