Create dynamic components

There will be some kind of extension to create your own dynamic component from a template.

In other words, first with a Layout I place all the components as well as buttons, labels, text boxes, etc. that would be the template
And then make that same Layout duplicate with the same components and properties that each element has.

Elaborate more what you want in that dynamic extension… Also what’s problem in using Yusuf’s dynamic component.

I’m working on similar extension…

Read :point_down:

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See I didn’t read that part, I thought it was to create dynamics with all kodular components. :sweat_smile: :sweat_smile:

You should read and understand what I posted :point_up:before posting this answer.:+1:

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yes it is possible… First create a layout with id value 1 in procedure… And upon clicking button just add =1 to previous Id value and use the same procedure… very simple

this is just sample, just customize further (drag and drop the below png into your project and see the process…

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