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I am developing an APP for the inspection of structured cabling and fiber optic routes, but for each point on the map I need to place a dynamic marker, I have already researched and found no way to place these markers.

In the image below there is a route with 16 fixing points and I can only place a marker at the last point…


Estou desenvolvendo um APP para vistoria de rotas de cabeamento estruturado e fibra óptica, porém para cada ponto no mapa preciso colocar um marcador dinâmico, já pesquisei e não encontrei uma forma de colocar estes marcadores.

Na imagem abaixo tem uma rota com 16 pontos de fixação e somente consigo colocar um marcador no último ponto …

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Please explain better.
Markers are created according to latitude and longitude. You already did that and you know how to do it.
This path where you defined the start and end point, is created at what time?

How do you know where the points should create the markers in the map ?
You need to define the attachment points (latitude and longitude) for these places.

Is This Maps component or Google Maps?

The routes have variable anchoring points, giving as an example: on a route from point A to point B the cables are fixed to poles on the public road, the geographical position of each point is collected (latitude and longitude), I am using the map of the kudular.

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So, you need to pass these coordinates to the map. In the Google Maps component, there is the create markers block
I’m trying to imagine how it works.
The team goes out and takes route X to Y and the app must have already registered the attachment points related to that route.
You need this routine: inserting attachment points on the XY route.

This is a markers example from database.
This Just example How create markers :

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