How do I can make a dynamic Components for Marker

I wanted to create a dynamic marker at runtime
After a long search I couldn’t find any possible alternatives.

Do you know how to do this?

What is a dynamic marker? Please give more info and what you have tried.

I haven’t tried anything yet, I’d rather have said More precisely looked . But unfortunately nothing found. To your question, what are dynamic markers. You probably know Marker (a picture inserted below) and I would like to dynamize it.image

So you are using Open Streetmap component or the Google maps component? You can set markers by clicking on the map at a certain location or via input of lat and lon.

Please explain what you are trying to achieve, what are you developing and how should it work according to you.

Yes, I konw that. But I have a lot of markers and I also know how to determine the position. The problem is, I don’t want to enter 100 markers, I want to generate them dynamically.
Like: For example the dynamic card views.

You didn’t answer that. Should the markers be put on the map at random?

No, the markers should not appear randomly on the map. But I want to have several markers appear WITHOUT having to enter them all manually!

This extension may help

Use a database to store the coordinates of the makers.
Use random to colors.

Somewhere there should be a list of coordinates to put a marker on the screen. How else do you expect them to appear?

Thank you for your answers.
I use Openstreetmap Map component.

So far I have been placing the markers on the map manually and entering the properties (latitude longitude color, name, description) manually in the designer.
If someone uses the app, the app asks the user to search for a specific marker, if the user has clicked the correct marker, the color changes. (75 Marker)

Now I have to ask 75 times whether marker 1, 2 or x was pressed 75 times! That has to be easier.

Now I am looking for a way of not programming the markers hard into the program, but generating them at runtime - for example from a URL.

There is the possibility, for example, of creating card views dynamically and defining the properties when creating the card views.

I’m looking for something like that for the markers on Maps (not google map)

If there is no function like: create dynamic marker then maybe this is a solution?

Has anyone here used this before and can give me examples?

can I also save the Marker object or just the properties in a CloudDB / TinyDB.
-> So far I only save the properties for each marker

In the database, save the information you have about the makers.

@akim_akim Can you give me list lat & long of 75 marker?

SchilderAngaben für (13.2 KB)

Hello sugarlesscreator

here is the list.

How do I fill the TinyDB if the file is on a server, for example.

How do I generate the marker if the information including name and description.

How can I then identify the individual markers when I click on one?

I will show you how to do it. But i use google spreadsheet for database. You can save all data to tinydb after web get response.

Enable infobox

use Any marker click

Check this video

Marker_akim.apk (6.3 MB)

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Cool ! Can i see the aia?

aia is here

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