Create multiple list from a single list

Can i select multiple items from a list at a time to make another list? For example I have a master list of 100 items. I want to make 10 small lists from this master list having 10 items in each small list. Is it possible? if yes, how to do that?

you might want to elaborate, why you think you need 10 small lists… what about always picking items from the master list? there also is the pick a random item block…
also see How to pick a random item from a list without picking duplicates?

Thank you for your quick response @Taifun . Actually I am building an offline quiz app where the app downloads all the questions ( More than 100 English category) at the start and after that app works offline. The questions are divided into Challenges (10 Challenges, 10 questions in each challenge). Each challenge will pick random questions from the list. I hope now it is more elaborated.

so if everything is random, what about starting with the main list using this logic?
How to pick a random item from a list without picking duplicates?
and after completing the first challenge continue with the reduced list (90 items) and select then next 10 random items to display
you always can store the remaining list in TinyDB to continue the quiz later…


Did you mean making 10 list from a single list item? If so it is possible

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Yes exactly. How is it possible?

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@yaseen_mcom03 Please see if you can understand this blocks. you can do this with airtable or firebase too.

after this you can get the items from the new list.

Dear @David thanks for your precious time. I have a master list not like this. I have all the questions in a Column “Q” . Airtable link is here

If i use your method, the new list will not stop at No.10 item. How to stop at No. 10 for NewList1 ans so on

Try to compress them :thinking: ?? Answers A,B,C can be in a single column. (just to reduce load time)

Thanks for your valuable comments @Taifun but it will be easy for me if have a separate list for each challenge because i have to show in each challenge

  1. Total No. of questions loaded
    When challenge is completed
  2. The results with questions and their correct and incorrect answers

First challenge will pick first 10 items from the list but these items will randomly appear in the challenge i,e; first question will be randomly selected. Here i am using your suggested method. 2nd will pick 11 to 20 items and so on

I am also working on the solution you have provided and will share the results.

Yes, they can be. But the actual problem is not that

Sorry if i’m wrong. i was telling about this. i couldn’t understand the question properly.

or you mean making the list with 100 items into 10 different list? heaving 10 item each?

Got it :smiley:. continue this till end to make 10 small list. than you can pick random item from the small list.


This is awesome dear @David. Thanks for your precious time and efforts

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you might want to think about this again…
with 10 lists you have to use loads of blocks to get the same solution…
DRY - Don’t repeat yourself…

you can have an elegant solution or a cumbersome solution… it depends on you…


You’re right Taifun. That was just a suggestion. Please help find a little easy way.

you might want to read my answers in this thread

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