Create nomedia file

Plese i need guide on how to create “.nomedia file” so that i can hide specific folder from been access by the app users.

what happens when you try to create it by using file component’s save file/append block?

Thanks for the reply.
Am a learner, i dont know how to to that rather.

Sorry, this does not justify my question.
I mean “how do i hide specific folder from been access by the app users” ?

First, you didn’t ask a question. Secondly, you have only made an unclear and question-raising statement. And thirdly, nobody understands what it’s actually about (which “nomedia” file, where does it come from, what is used to create it, what kind of “specific folder” is it about, where is this folder located, why should users not be able to access it…?).

Therefore I referred to my guide. So read this first and then ask a precise question…

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You might get your answer from this post :slight_smile: :point_down:

@Choofa did you read this?

Yes, I did, and why do you ask? I’ve also read the topic I’m refering to, and I know his answer is there. No matter if he’s a learner, we all have been, I’m learning new things each day, but that includes reading, testing, failing and succession. If failing when trying, then there is no problem to ask community for help by creating a topic with related blocks, images of what’s been tested and so on.

I only replied to the question in topic, then he can try find the answer there(and the answer is there) and if he fail finding, then ofc I/we can help further.

Hope this was answer enough to your question! Have a nice day!


This is it :point_up_2:, Yes they are stored in a folder.
Now my problem is “how do i add an empty .nomedia file” ?

Just read it, using " .hidden_folder_name . For example, .files " will only hide it from media scanner.
How do i hide it from users too, from self exploration into their phones folder after enabling hidden files, such that will only be available for the apps only for access ?

I think using that “added empty .nomedia file” will work, but how do i do that ?

What if you store the files in ASD? No matter what you do the files will never be totally secured.
But if I remember correctly I think Anke wrote somewhere that the ASD can only be accessed if phone is rooted. And most users don’t have rooted phones. But still, if someone wants your “hidden” files they will get it if they try hard enough.

as i know folders start with . is defaultly hidden

Ok, thanks.

Easy enough to view the ASD of installed apps and to find dot folders and files. (Android 11+)

Save your data to the private app directory, and use a dot filename if you wish. The private app directory is not easily accessible unless the device is rooted.

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Yes, just as little as this is the case with the assets. Both are located in the internal storage and are therefore not visible on the device without root access.

I thought ASD was the private directory? :thinking: My mistake then to suggest ASD :innocent:

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