Create query ( filter and sort ) in firebase database

i want make query in my firebase database
like filter and sort the cities in all firebase root
like sql
select * from mytable where city=fay
i want see user in fay only

how can i do it in kodular?

A little hint how to do this:

  1. Get the data from firebase in the form of JSON. For this, consult this topic;

Problem with get tags and values with for loops, Firebase

  1. Use the dictionary to filter the data. For this, consult this topic;
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Btw, list by walking path works the best.

If I were you I would:

Get “user” tag
list by walking key path: (walk at all level, “city”)

or use get tag list and loop to get value of city.

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If any one can display with complete example

And note
I have 1000 user with 3 or 4 child from root

how can i get json from firebase database to dictionary??

How do I leave the database that way?

like this


Nothing like that, I tried with the list and without the list!

Could you explain better what you want?

I wanted to make the FB database the same as the one in the photo “One dice below the other” and not “next to each other”

You can create such database by understanding the firebase database structure.

evram, fady and mina are project buckets and every bucket has 2 tags city and phone with respective values.

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