Create Row not Created Row in Airtable

I created an Admin app. I add Airtable but its not save data. Please Check my Block and tell me where I m wrong.

This is My Airtable Console

Please Help me

You have added customw message dialogue for every wrong selection . Pls add any notifier or error text. Did you try in companion mode? What did you get when you use empty box and doesn’t select any option in select category?

All custom messages are work fine in companion

@Vinaba_Jadeja there is an extra row named Time in your airtable but it does not appearing in your blocks
Make sure to put all the data in list for creating the row

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Thanks for suggestion.
Time is auto column. Is it necessary to fill during create row?

What do you mean by this?

You can try once :wink:

I Added Block TIME but still not work.

Solved. Actually There Was a Unwanted Space before BASE ID

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