Create Shortcut About Screen Aplication

Guys I created this shortcut to access another screen. I don’t want the About this application shortcut to appear with it. How do I get this?

As Kodular is lifetime free if you don’t use any montization so then kodular has no other option to advertise their platform so they add this automatically and this can’t be removed . Thanks

And more over i will search of this is possible or not by editing apps source code

You can pay for the removal of the branding.
Go here and choose the project.

I have said that it is lifetime free then it’s giving the branding but I have not told about paid one method

You can customize your header bar with horizontal arrangements and put label inside, and use spiner to show item.

@sugarlesscreator can you please share the blocks

customheader.aia (8.2 KB)

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