About this application menu questions

I want to create a free app with Kodular, and I understood that on a screen you can chose if you want to display the top rigth menu (3 dots) with the “Show Options Menu” in the Designer view… ok
If you chose to display it then there will be an “About this application” entry everytime and if you set it unvisible then you will not see these 3 dots :wink:

But I still have questions :

  1. Can I add a custom entry to this menu (if yes then, is the “About this application” entry will be visible at end of my custom menu ?)
  2. Even if I change property “About screen backgroud color”, the “About this application” in menu is always black and background color of popup (after clicking “About screen backgroud color” is always white :thinking: Is it possible to set these 2 colors ?
  3. What the “About Screen Ligth Theme” property used for ?

Hello Welcome to Kodular Community
Hide Title (from Screen properties)
Make your custom Title bar
With Horizontal Arrangement
And this extension will help you for Popup Menu

If you want to remove the about the application then you need to create your custom title bar. Here is the guide for it

We can’t change the items color but selecting light theme will change the about application popup when you click on about applications


Thanks a lot man :slight_smile:

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