How to remove a about this application in screen 1 in kodular

I want to remove a about this application in title bar without creating a custom title bar in kodular is this possible

Just remove tue side menu. Uncheck it in the Screen’s propperties

but i have made share and rate option in that so when i remove a three dots then my share and rate option will also remove

Can you switch the about screen title to Share or Rate?

i menu bar or in bottom of the app??

The 3 dots are on the top of the app. If you have share and rate on the bottom, you can just remove the menu

can i put share and rate option in menu bar??

Where you want and what do you mean with menu bar?

i want in menu bar so people can attracted first

But a side menu bar, top, 3 dots menu or bottom menu?
I currently cant fo much because i am not in computer, so i will help as early as possible.

side menu bar

Ok, so just add a side menu component and put the options. Then remove the 3 dots menu.
Is this a solution for you?

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