Create subfolders in firebase

Hello Everybody!
I need help. I’m begginer in Kodular and I can’t find how to create subfolders in my db.
I saw in some topic here this image and would like to do the same structure, but mine contains a userid that came from firebase auth and would like to put folders under it.
Can anyone help me please? Thanks very much!!

Use “/” to create child nodes.

eg in your image, the first “Test” node is at “chatapp-9708c/ChatApp/Gaara/Anfrage/Test”.


In the picture you have sent, chatapp-9708c is a directory containing sub-directory ChatApp. ChatApp directory contains sub-directories Gaara and …(not seen in picture). Similarly Gaara directory contains sub-directories Anfrage, Fruende, Name, Picture and Password and so on. Hope you are clear with the difference between directory and sub-directory. You can create any directories and sub-directories you want.

Here, to link with a sub-directory Test in Anfrage in Gaara in ChatApp in directory chatapp-9708c follow this;

  1. Enter Firebase Token which is available on



2)In FireBase URL input the highlighted one,

NOTE: It differs from person to person.

  1. Put “ChatApp/Gaara/Anfrage/Test” in project bucket.
    Finally it should look like this;

How do you create this for Kodular?
How do you save and read what is there?

thank you

Subfolders are denoted in Firebase by the same character used in filesystems for the same purpose: /

In your example, you have highlighted tags crachas/ID_01 and crachas/ID_02.

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