Create Tik Mark when select a Image or video in Dynamic card view

how to dimiss tikmark when again click

it will be a list game with if then else as players


blocks (2)

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By your suggesion I create tikmark by clicking dynamic card view to use Floating View extention…
but I can’t dismiss tikmark to your next suggesion…

Can You Share Your Blocks.

Yes I can showing my blocks-

Ok i got it,
in morning i thaught why i created CardView then image inside it.
Only image will also work.

But now i came to know that definitely i would have faced the same Error before and to fix that i added the CardView.

Or due to my Pro Koding ( or designing ) skills i would have done this -

created CardView then image inside it

at the first place and never faced the issue.

Post Edited Again :grimacing:
with CardView Blocks.

(which means this edit will remove the last edit i made :crazy_face:)

and this post is also edited to edit a typo error :man_facepalming:t2:

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I have done something similar in my notes app ( not released yet ) :grin:

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if you got a easier way :slightly_smiling_face: then help the Koder.


I am having some issues (not of app), when I am done with then, I shall make a guide ( After long time :relieved:)

Thanks for a ping @ADDYLIN I was not getting a topic for new Guide :grin:

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i have easiest way

Here is working

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Got it,
what you are doing.

it can be useful in some cases. :thumbsup:

Looks like updated version of Golumaths solution.
no offense

totally simple blocks…

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tick_mark.aia (26.0 KB)

Dn’t forgot u doing this by help of extension(floating view)…
but Here is no extension :upside_down_face:

no offense
bru extensions are made to Help Koders,
Not using them and doing the work harder way makes no sense.

no offense | no offense
Your Blocks are nearly 3 times than mine,
And still it’s not going to achieve that good results.

The basic Idea is same for Implementing it. Just some method changes User by User OR Koder by Koder :grin:

My Idea is almost the same :upside_down_face:


1st…if u use extention ur app size increase…
2nd… extension is limited but logic is unlimited and u can do everything with logic…

And a huge difference in take help and by yourself

and in ur language floating view not for tick/untick purpose…

its not about only tick/untick…
it shows Mark/unmark items on every click
selected items count…
if u put this functions in ur app then ur blocks look like same as compare mine

Many coder help me so I thanks all…specially ADDYLIN, Shivam, Anas… I try to use of your blocks…and solution can be achived all of them…but now I goes to ADDYLIN…

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