Creating a non visible folder or save data in assets

Hey Makeroiders,

I would just I to know that can we save or download data in our app assets folder or create a non visible folder to save data

you can create a folder with a . as the first character. so for instance .test but it will never be save. It can always be found. The dot is the linux way of making a folder not visible.


Mean we can use them in our mean if user download a image and it’s save in .test folder then i will not be visible if i want to show it from that path of .test file further not more than once or some time.
Is it?

I don’t understand what you are trying to say.

Mean that if it can’t get saved then we can’t use that file path to show in our App

If it is saved you can show it in your app.

But at first you were saying it can be saved .

I like to download the videos just like YouTube a option to make videos offline and view it without internet as well as that videos are not visible in gallery. In YouTube

You are not allowed to download youtube videos. It is against there policy. You will get you developer account taken away from you.

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@Peter you always take my things in wrong way…
I was giving example that as we can download video YouTube app but they are not visible in gallery only in the app…

Just like that I want

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Youtube videos aren’t visible in the gallery because the saved files are not in a video format like .mp3 or .avi but they are codes saved in folders that youtube compiles and show like a video. That’s why you can’t see them in the gallery

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after saved your file use taaifun file extension to move your fine in other folder move in any folder which start from . like .test
any thing in .test folder not show in music player, gallery video player etc.