Creator Beta Tester

Personally, I would like that before implementing important updates to the creator, I would have a space in some subdomain where the community can give feedback before sending it in the domain

I’m sorry, this topic could not be found because a group with this authorization has already been created and found, @ProKoders.


@imancol if you want to get more closely involved with Kodular development, be active on the community, help others, and gain the ProKoder rank.


Honestly so far I hear about ProKoders … I would not know what it means. Would I have access to early Kodular information?

On purpose. I have the bad spell of being in communities for a long time and they do not recognize me …:joy:


I said too much already, the FBI will take a look soon :joy:

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jajaj I did not mean that … only if I could collaborate directly in the development of Kodular with “anticipated” access to the improvements that are being made in the future. I’m still waiting for the bug to remove the buttons for Android versions <4.4 and I have no idea when the next update will be :confused:

We don’t either.

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