AdMob problem is solved after the next Update

"why ads Not showing in apps admob update
Do not show any admob ads on Android App
As of now, ads are working perfectly on apps build with Android Studio! But, if your apps are build with online app inventors, you can’t publish Google ads right now. Why? Because Google has changed its ad APIs. Your app inventor platform must update Google Ads APIs.

What do you think about to use this: Bild ?

AdMob problem is solved after the next Update


when its come?:thinking:

Be patient.

When the developers want to release it :wink:


i want to test new component :innocent:

@Nik then be a ProKoder

but how???

You have to reach Trust Level 3 and done some requirements. you can see them here:
Kodular Account/Community

This is Off-Topic now. Don’t ask about this in this Thread anymore…


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