CSV - Please help

Hello everyone
Please help
Kodular is a good thing. I created an app for myself here
Everything would be good I only have one problem with csv
I can’t load the csv file and work with it as I need.
I tried everything and examples on YT,
I also wanted the google sheet didn’t work
Then I tried a spreadsheet and it works for me pic3
i need this with csv
after selecting the list view line
the value from column 1 is written to the TexBox - txtArea
the value from column 2 is written to TexBox - txtDistric

Thank you in advance for your help

use the list from csv table block to convert the csv table into a list of lists

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The error is because you have used list to table block instead of this block lists_from_csv_table

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OMG I’m blind. :rage: Well thank you, I go on

Please mark a post the solution which helped you

It’s really nobody who has already used csv to upload data to tinydb
is there anyone who can explain it to me, help smileys-cz-63
I’m already a csv stupid or deer as we say if I can’t understand something
but at the end of the problem possibly
I just need to remove the parentheses

Do you mind showing us your csv file…

Is up I written - Read from file name
It’s enough for me to load it like now without parentheses
in List View, I select the two values ​​and enter them in the Taxt Box
The record I have is 129 this is just for the taest two lines
I don’t need to automatically upload it to MinyDB
Thank you for your interest and time
Postcod2.txt (24 Bytes)

Try this one ScvFile.aia (5.2 KB)

Google sheet Postcode3.csv (22 Bytes)



Thank you very, very, very much
Now it works the way I wanted
I’m very happy
My whole project is done like this.
Thanks also to the Kodular team.
A month ago, I never dreamed of creating an application on my mobile.


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