Curser is move to all text box

helo all persons
if i has two text box in my scren and i am in a first, and i is pres down arows, then it curser is go til end of first textbax and then go into seond txtbox. i want curser to stay in box 1 it self. if i want to go 2 end text box, i wil only move a cuser. plese help.

Unable to understand a word, PM me and try to explain in Hindi so I can at least understand what you want.

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Use this block to get cursor in textbox1

component_method (6)

My guess:
He has 2+ TBs.
Once he types in a textbox and clicks enter, focus shifts to the next TB.
Instead Guru wants that the cursor reaches the end of that TB.

Am I right @Guru ?

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Yeah you are correct.

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Use this extension by Taifun
It has an when enter pressed event, and set cursor at end method.
Both used together will solve your problem

You can place a character limiter in text box1 and, when it reaches the limit, the cursor goes to text box 2.

If so, you can try something like the one below.


I did a test here and it worked for me

Ser this is not work. I is use when Textbox loose focus call text box request focus.

It not work. Please u adviced

hi all sers i has got one idea. for egsample i has many textbox. then in second texbox
(set wen texbx3 lost focus cal texbox3 hide keybord. )
i wil try this. any other simpal solusion plses give.

please elaborate me the issue i willl give my best to give you the solution

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