Custom Downloader Extension For Kodular [Free]

tried but not found any notification regarding download

Hello community, I can’t find the solution to the problem:

I downloaded the file Custom_Downlod.aia but there is something wrong.

Hello community, I have downloaded an AIA file called: Custom Download.aia, when I open the app and click on the “Download” button I get an error message “download fail”.
I have not touched any settings.

How can I fix the problem.

@Deep_Host, the author of th extension might be able to help you…
PS: @samidr8 I moved your post into the correct thread… it seems to be, you need some more patience…

If you have not modified the AIA, that is probably the reason, the URL of the file in the AIA blocks may have expired 🤦🏻‍♂:roll_eyes::grimacing:

Thanks for your response, the url is aia is active, I already tried it in a browser. Also, I tried another url but still giving the same problem.


I do facing the same issue in one of my project. initially it was okey, but now not working

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I think extension needs an update to support new kodular libs.


Download link is not working.

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Can’t download the extention??

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You have to use his app:

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Hi Deep_Host custom filename don’t work

I set custom file name but does’t change !?

I use this :point_down:


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Please help… I can’t seem to download the extension. Can somebody please send me a working link of this extension?

Thank you in advance!

You can get it from here, or download his app.

I can’t download anything from his site


Yes, it’s a bit confusing, but from his app is very easy

I already got it, thanks!

@TeachingGuru managed to find the solution? Now I have the same problem.

@Deep_Host Hello community, I have struggled with the extension several times, after running for several weeks, to stop all downloads on my different screens stop working.

I have found a possible temporary solution, in my palettes (where there are pdf files to download) I load the native Download component of kodular, then I replace the download blocks (custom download extension - delete them) with the native blocks of the Download component, later , I compile and test the app (I check that I download the files again), finally, I reload the custom_download extension bloks, in this way the download is activated again.

I know it sounds illogical, possibly the extension failed.

Unfortunately, I cannot stop using this extension, because the native download component of kodular does not perform several functions that this extension performs.

Some have found a solution to this problem already known to some.