Problem with notification window in a new download

Hello community, the “custom-downloader-extension” component has stopped working for now.
I was given the task of using the Kodular native Downloder component.

On one screen I have buttons that download two different files in pdf format, the problem is as follows:

When I press a button to download a pdf, a window appears indicating that the file is being downloaded (all normal until here), but when I press the second button, the new window returns to give the message of the previous download (giving the name of the file already downloaded and indicating that the download is complete), in addition, it indicates that the download is being loaded.

How to solve that problem?

SVID_20190909_233844.mp4 (8.9 MB)

May be because. The title & save as file name of both the pdf are same. So i suggest you to set different file name…

Thank you very much for the answer @Alapjeet, I already made the suggested modifications, but the problem persists.

Any other idea?

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If I understand this correctly, then do this, put a show_filename.texto block with empty text socket in both buttons

Edit, if this is dismiss button for dialog then put it here, show_filename.texto block and progress_size.texto with empty text socket



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Thank you very much @Boban for your successful response, I introduced a show_filename.text block and progress_size.text in the block of both buttons with the message that interests me, everything went perfectly.

I share the .ais screen for new users.

SmartBookMath_Videos_FARO.ais (9.9 KB)

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