Custom Dynamic Circular Image Icon List

Great work

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thank u for these appriciational words

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hahh thanks @Ottoman for this punjabi appriciation :sweat_smile:

Excellent work! thanks so much for sharing, i have a question, im new on this and i don’t know if this question is obvious or i will need some help, but how can i get the id of the call buttons there, i mean if i want a different screen open, in every dinamic button “CALL” buton in the list thanks for the help

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U r welcome in the community
You can do it easily with any component blocks
Further more i’ll add a click event tomorrow :relaxed:

@Zia_Choudhary your design looks good good and simple,
My design using dynamic components

what is image width “Variable” value?


I know and i have solution for dynamic components… So don’t worry and i have made all of these lists with these solutions about 3 months ago when this extension was just a new one… So don’t worry

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To whom u r asking?

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The one and only you :sweat:


Hi, I am recently help people to write in Schema format, which saves many blocks. Would you like to have the schema version too?

Its owsm… And sorry i mis understood your reply i was thinking that u asked it in dynamic components extension thread but actually u were here in my thread :laughing::laughing:
And i said all of the following :laughing::laughing: sorry

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Of course if you have done then share with the community so that newbies can learn easily and u can also write a complete guide with all of the explanations that how and why all of thes things happening in schema… :heart: So don’t be too much delayed

@Xoma Ok i am getting its value by this method in percentage

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I will do it in today :blush:

btw, just curious, why do you want to close this topic?

Edit: Nothing, you deselected the solution tick

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No and who said… I’ll support all about this topic when and wherever it is needed

Yeah that happened because of mistake while liking reply

Waiting desperately :relaxed:

Hey I want ask, why did you create an image for nothing? (the built-in one)

May be for using Any Component block. It’s easier to set property that way instead of using Set Property method of Dynamic component extension

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But by using LeoProfileView, Kodular Image component is not needed. And the image’s picture isn’t set.

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@WatermelonIce Yeah it was a mistake… I knew but not get free time to remove there is another problem relating to percentage input for LeoProfileView that i’ll remove shortly