Custom List View like Grid Table using Dynamic Componen

Hello Dear !

here i have a question, i’ve looked in the community but it’s not what i want,
i want to display data like in a grid table, i use Dynamic Componen, I’m having a little trouble with the logic.

my expectation when data dispalyed.

trouble when my app runed.

my project aia
Custom_view4.aia (39.5 KB)


Post a screenshot of your relevant blocks.

this is my block code.

Instead of dynamic components you can use recyclerview,

gridview.aia (125.2 KB)

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that’s good but can i use both together with dynamic componen?

maybe you need a table viewer

maybe it’s more like a display on a marketplace that display items, here i only us an example

Its simple…
take 2 blocks of (for each num from/to/by) from controls…

for 1st coloum set this values
from > 1
to > length of list
by > 2

For 2nd colum
from > 2
to > length of list
by > 2

if u want 3 colum
from > 3
to > length of list
by > 3

can you show me your block code, please?

yes wait a minute

to be clear, each row only has 2 data colums and if the data is more than 2 then it will create a new row, using dynamic componen.

every data in colums more then 2, then add new row


my expectation when data displayed

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Here is the simple blocks

Here is the output

if u want 3rd colum then create an 3rd V-scroll-Arrangemnt and apply same method just use for each num like this

from > 3
to > length of list
by > 3

Yes you can recyclerlist extension is based on dynamic componets with recyclerview library

thank you so much
@himalayanxtiger @himalayanxtiger

Its simple blocks and logic nothing complex…u can ask me if u confused anywhere

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